There are several business notebooks on the market, but they are not as reliable as the Dell Latitude series. They are not only great machines for business, but also for students and personal users. If you want something small, lightweight, but durable and well-built, then the Dell Latitude 5285 may be what you need with its 12.3-inch display and 2-in-1 removable design.

It comes with a stand for automatic deployment, which is the industry's first function to ensure smooth operation. All you have to do is place the 2-in-1 device on a flat surface, and the stand will automatically pop out. Rotate it 150 degrees to enjoy multiple viewing angles.

Model 5285 has an excellent build quality, thanks in part to its high-quality magnesium alloy body. There is almost no bending, almost no creak, no matter what force is applied. The stand has dimensions of 29.2 cm x 10.4 cm and consists of a brushed metal solid sheet. You will never have to worry that the laptop will stagger because the stand is very strong and stable.

Don't let his small stature fool you – the Dell Latitude 5285 is powered by pretty good hardware:

• Processor: Intel Core i7 7600 U / 16 GB memory / 4 MB cache / up to 3.90 GHz

• OS: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)

• Display: 12.3-inch / 1920 × 1080/3: 2 with touch screen

• Storage: M.2 PCIe NVMe 256 GB / Class 40 / Solid State Opal SED Disk (2.0)

• Battery: 42-WHr Polymer / ExpressCharge

Update Options for Dell Latitude 5285

All of them are included in the price. However, you can upgrade or add additional features if you need. For example, the display may come with an infrared facial camera for as little as a few dollars. Storage can be upgraded to 1 TB, class 40 SSD. There are several options for downgrades, as well as to help you save on equipment that you do not need.

The touchscreen display has large faceplates and is covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It is possible to add a keyboard that is connected through magnets, attached and self-installed when it is close to the bottom of the 5285.

Although you can use this 2-in-1 for personal entertainment, it is still available with first-class hardware security that is absolutely essential for business-oriented tasks. Some examples of security features for the Dell Latitude 5285 include a TCM-certified TPM 2.0, a self-encrypting drive, FIPS 140-2, a FIPS 201-certified smart card reader, and more. Always protect your identity with Dell ControlVault technology.

Do you hope to get a good deal on this laptop? Did you come across Dell coupons and want to use them to save money? Don't let price bother you – there are some Dell Latitude 5285 discount options are available, no matter how you want to customize it.